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Lawyer Meltdown

Who I Help

What kind of lawyers does Legal Ease Consulting, Inc. help? My clients are solo practitioners or small to mid-sized law firms that want to improve …

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How I Work

How I Work

What can you expect when working with Legal Ease Consulting? We will start by defining your vision for your firm. We’ll get specific about your future…

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Lawyer Meltdown

Are you headed for a Lawyer Meltdown? Do you recognize these warning signs?
You can stop lawyer meltdown in its tracks and reverse the time …

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How Allison Got Started
Preventing Lawyer Meltdowns

The way most lawyers practice law is killing them.
The current state of the legal profession – the billable hour model, pressure to work ever longer and harder and increased competition – all work against not only the best interests of lawyers themselves, but also against the best interests of their clients.

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