Posting Checklist

If you’ve ever kicked yourself for forgetting to add elements like links, images, or calls to action to your blog or social media posts, a posting checklist can help. Download a copy of my checklist and make it your own.

Special Report: Are You Missing This Crucial Element in Your Marketing?

It’s one item that can make a huge difference in your marketing, particularly in today’s highly competitive legal marketplace. A simple step by step guide to ensure that your marketing is built around this crucial factor. I recommend you read it, and then put it away and read it again. Share it with your team. …

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Planning Guide for Lawyers

Whether you’re a solo practitioner or you work for a firm, having a plan can make a huge difference to the success of your practice. The plan functions not only as a road map for your firm’s future, but also as a means to evaluate past performance, identify gaps and take action to improve. Having …

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Vision and Mission Statement Workbook

What kind of future you want from your firm? This workbook helps you create an effective vision and mission statement for your law firm.

Ideal Client Profile Workbook: Attracting and Keeping the Best Clients

My Ideal Client Profile workbook will take you step by step through the process of identifying your ideal clients and referral sources, and more.

LinkedIn Printable Headline Worksheet

Use this worksheet as a quick way to improve your LinkedIn Headline.

Leveraging Articles Checklist

Want to get more out of every article you write? This checklist is a great reminder of what you can do with your articles once you’ve written them – consult this checklist every time you write an article and see how much more traffic you get to your article! Exclusive content for Lawyer Meltdown Newsletter …

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47 #LinkedIn Tips for Lawyers and Other Legal Professionals

Interested in learning how to use LinkedIn better, whether you are a lawyer or other legal professional? These 47 tips were pulled directly from our book, Make LinkedIn Work for You, A Practical Handbook for Lawyers and Other Legal Professionals. If you like these tips, grab a copy of the book, available at!

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