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Mentoring Women in Your Firm

Did you know that a recent study showed that when a female entrepreneur is guided by a female mentor, her sales increased by an average of 32 percent?   The same study revealed that female entrepreneurs paired with male mentors did not significantly improve their performance. This success of the female mentoring pairs was attributed …

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Don’t Let Toxic Employees Push Out Good Employees

Are your best employees leaving because others are being given a free pass on their bad behavior? Poorly behaved or toxic employees: Cause emotional turmoil Damage morale Disrupt work Decrease productivity Spread their bad behavior to others Sometimes toxic employees are easy to identify: they shout at other employees, make snide comments, tell inappropriate jokes, …

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Tuesday Tip: Working with Support Staff

Every working relationship is different, and it can be frustrating when the work you delegate to others doesn’t get done as well or as quickly as you’d like. Often, whether you’re a law firm partner, a mid-level associate or a brand-new attorney, it’s easy to blame problems on the staff or how they are working. …

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Failure and Success

Planning for Law Practice Improvement

The first month of the New Year is already more than half over, but even if you haven’t started, it’s not too late to plan to make this the best year yet. You can still set things in motion to move your practice to the next level, work more effectively and attract the clients you …

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What Message is Your Firm Sending About What it Values by What it Measures?

I read an interesting article yesterday morning from by David Rance, a UK consultant who helps organizations become more customer-centric. The article was entitled The Madness of Metrics: Be Careful What You Measure, and it got me thinking, once again, about law firms. Take a moment and consider what it is that your firm measures. Where …

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Is Poor Communication Undermining the Culture at Your Firm?

Michelle Golden’s Golden Practices blog contains a great post entitled, “If Internal Communication is Poor, Can You Still Have A “Great Culture?” She warns that firms that take their ‘great culture’ for granted are playing with fire. She lists seven ways in which firms undermine their ‘great culture’ by failing to communicate personally with people about important …

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Considering Client Service as Part of Employment Reviews

Dan Hull’s What About Clients blog focuses on increasing the level of service lawyers provide to their clients.  Dan’s firm has a performance evaluation system which has recently been re-vamped to include specific focus on client service. (Their system also includes ‘top down’ evaluations, but also ‘bottom up’ evaluations – something missing from many law …

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