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The Dilemma Over Legal Fees

Carolyn Elefant’s My Shingle blog recently discussed competing on price. Carolyn contends that solos, and particularly new solos, need to compete on price in order to get their foot in the door. She says, “…what incentive does a client have to hire a new attorney unless he or she is charging a lower rate?” There …

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Value Based Billing For Lawyers – Will it Work?

Nobody likes change, and perhaps lawyers are even more resistant to change because they’re so used to relying on ‘precedent’ to determine what they can or should do in the practice of law. But it may be time for some more creativity when it comes to billing clients. Many assume that the market wants and supports the …

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Calculating Rates for Legal Services

The June 16, 2006 edition of the ABA Journal e-report included an article discussing how the Second Circuit set fees for one solo attorney. The case involved an ERISA claim where the attorney was successful in arguing that his client’s pension should not be reduced because of a break in service. The attorney based his …

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