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Get Value out of LinkedIn Without Posting Original Content

Can you get value from LinkedIn without having to post your own content? When I talk to people about building their LinkedIn presence and getting value from relationships on LinkedIn, what I hear quite frequently is that posting is a major obstacle for a lot of people. They don’t know what to post, how often …

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5 Places to Incorporate Keywords in Your LinkedIn Profile

Here’s another LinkedIn tip about keywords. In my last video, I talked about how to find keywords to incorporate into your LinkedIn profile. Once you know what keywords you want to include, where should you add them to your Profile? Here are five places to consider: 1. Your Headline Your headline is the short description …

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LinkedIn Algorithm Changes: What Should You Do?

Have you noticed some changes lately in how LinkedIn is treating your posts, or in how much engagement your posts are receiving? If you’ve noticed these changes, you are not alone. LinkedIn recently made some significant changes in its algorithm that may be affecting the reach of your posts. Why Did LinkedIn Change Their Algorithm? …

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Get More Out of Online Networking

Are you disappointed with the results you’re seeing from LinkedIn or other online networking? Maybe it’s time to modify your approach. If you went to a live networking event and all you did was talk about yourself, you probably wouldn’t get the best results. But that’s exactly the mistake I see a lot of people …

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How to Use LinkedIn Publisher

Do you want to get more visibility and engagement with your website content? Or do you want to build up your authority and reputation, but don’t have your own website yet? LinkedIn Publisher platform can help you with both of those objectives. LinkedIn Publisher is a publishing platform built right into LinkedIn. Any LinkedIn member …

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Get More Mileage From Great Client Testimonials and Recommendations

In my last several videos, I’ve talked about client recommendations – specifically on LinkedIn, but also on other sites – we’ve covered the mechanics of asking for them, as well as the best way to ask, and also talked about what makes a great recommendation. So what do you do after you get a great …

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How to Ask for a LinkedIn Recommendation

 In my last video, I talked about why LinkedIn Recommendations are useful for lawyers and covered the mechanics of asking for them. But I know that some lawyers are just uncomfortable asking for recommendations. They don’t want to appear to “salesy” or to diminish their professionalism. There are ways to approach clients for recommendations or …

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5 Things You’re Missing From Your LinkedIn Profile

I’ve worked with hundreds of lawyers and reviewed who knows how many lawyers’ LinkedIn Profiles, and I can tell you that most of them are missing these 5 elements: Is your LinkedIn Profile up to the challenge? Here are the 5 elements: 1. A header image – otherwise known as a cover photo. The header …

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Setting Goals for LinkedIn

It’s January, and that means you’re probably thinking about New Year’s resolutions like finally getting organized and goals for the year, like financial targets or numbers of new clients, but have you ever considered setting goals for how you use LinkedIn? Hi, I’m Allison Shields, President of Legal Ease Consulting and one of the authors …

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