Get Paid Faster: Proactively Communicate with Clients [video]

Are you waiting for your clients to call or email you before you let them know what’s happening on their matter?

Find out why this may result in clients not paying your bills on time in the video below, or scroll down to continue reading.

If your clients are calling you for status updates, you’re not communicating with them enough.

If the last communication you sent to your client was a bill, and you’re getting ready to send the next bill, you’re not communicating with them enough.

If your client hasn’t heard from you in more than 30 days, you’re not communicating with them enough.

When you don’t communicate, clients get nervous. They think you have forgotten about their matter or you aren’t taking it seriously. Or worse – they think something bad happened and you’re avoiding telling them. And when that happens, clients start losing faith in you. When clients don’t trust you, they’re more likely to question their bill.

Make sure you are keeping clients abreast of everything that is happening on their matter – and if nothing is happening, make sure you communicate that as well. Send clients interim status reports so that they know what work is being done, and if you haven’t sent a status report since the last bill, make sure that the bill is accompanied by a status report.

If you want your clients to pay your bills on time, don’t wait for them to ask what’s happening – answer their questions before they ask.

Let me know in the comments what your biggest problems are talking to clients about your fees. Or if you want to learn more about improving your billing policies and procedures in your office, try these: