How to Create Compelling Case Studies for Your Law Firm

Case studies can be a useful way of helping turn prospects into clients for your law firm, but not all case studies are effective. (To see my video about why to use case studies in your law firm marketing, click here).

There are 7 steps to creating a great case study:

  1. First and foremost, a good case study should be created from the perspective of the client, not the lawyer, because you want your ideal clients to see themselves in the case study. Let’s face it – no one really cares about you, they only care about themselves and what you can do for them. The client is the star; the spotlight should be on them and their story.
  2. Choose cases that will resonate the most with your ideal clients.
  3. Next, introduce the client – Who are they? What are they all about? What is their situation? What are they trying to accomplish?
  4. Introduce the drama – What problem is the client facing? What obstacles are in their way? How is the problem affecting them?
  5. What was your role? What actions did you take on the client’s behalf to solve their problem? How did you guide them through it?
  6. What was the outcome? How was the client’s problem solved? What impact did that have on their life or their business?
  7. Finally, iIf possible, get the client’s permission and participation. This will not only allow you to add more detail to your case study (and possibly use the client’s name) without running into ethical problems, but it will help to create a more convincing story. And as an added bonus, it helps reinforce the value you provided to that client.

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