Should You Use AI to Post on Social Media?

Should you use AI to post, or even comment for you on social media?

Let me ask this another way – would you rather network with a robot or a human being?

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Choose Value over Volume

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been seeing more and more activity on social media, including comments to my own posts, that are being generated by AI. For me, that’s a big turnoff. That user is trying to game the system by getting credit for engagement without doing the work.

It is often clear from the comment itself that it was generated by AI, and that the person whose account it is hasn’t even read my post. That’s simply not the kind of interaction that I’m looking for on social media.

Some of this may come down to the specific social media platform and your purpose for being on that platform. If you’re simply trying to entertain, AI-generated posts may be OK for you.

But if you’re a service provider, if you’re trying to generate business or develop relationships with clients, colleagues, and referral sources, it’s more important than ever to be genuine and be yourself, even if you can’t post or comment as often as you’d like.

Think about providing value, not just volume.

What are you seeing on social media? How do you feel about using AI to post or comment for you?