3 Ways to Refresh Your LinkedIn Profile

When is the last time you refreshed your LinkedIn profile?

In my last video, I talked about refreshing old or unrelated experience on your LinkedIn profile, rather than eliminating it entirely.

Here are three other ways you can refresh your LinkedIn profile.

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1. Update your profile photo

Is your LinkedIn profile photo 10 or more years old? Have you radically changed your hairstyle, or gone from a full beard to clean-shaven? If so, you’re not alone. I can’t tell you how many times I’m working with a client on their LinkedIn profile and their photo looks nothing like them. If that’s you, it’s time to update your photo.

You don’t have to spend hundreds on a professional photographer, either. Today’s smartphone cameras are well up to the task. Just make sure you have good lighting, a plain background, and use just a head and shoulders shot so that it is easy to see your face.

2. Update  – or add – media to your profile.

You can add media, including images, documents, slide presentations, and video to your LinkedIn profile in your Education, Experience, and Featured sections of your profile. If you haven’t added any media to your profile, now is a good time to do so. And if you already have media uploaded, take an inventory to see if you have more updated content that you can share in those areas.

Adding media to your LinkedIn profile is a great way to show instead of just telling visitors to your profile about what you do.

3. Add a banner image to your profile.

The banner is the area at the very top of your LinkedIn profile, and if you haven’t customized it you’re missing an opportunity to grab your visitors immediately. There are all kinds of opportunities for what to do with your banner image – it can be a single image that conveys what you do, or it can include your contact information, an offer, or other info.

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