Should You Eliminate Connections on LinkedIn?

Should you eliminate connections on LinkedIn?

In a recent video, I talked about why I think you should think twice about eliminating work experiences from your LinkedIn profile, even if those experiences aren’t in the same field you’re working in now.

Today I want to tackle a similar question relating to your LinkedIn Connections.

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Are your Connections really irrelevant?

When I’m working with clients on their LinkedIn presence, sometimes people ask me if they should disconnect from people who they think are no longer relevant to their careers. Or they wonder if they should think about eliminating personal connections like family, friends, or neighbors to keep their LinkedIn connections limited to work colleagues, clients and potential clients.

My advice about eliminating connections is similar to my advice about eliminating work experience from your LinkedIn Profile – think twice before doing it.

While there may be good reasons for disconnecting with people on LinkedIn, which I will address in a future video, more often than not, it makes sense to stay connected on LinkedIn to as many of the people you know – whether just virtually or “in real life” – as possible.

Think about why you are engaging on LinkedIn in the first place. Chances are that you are doing it to build relationships with people, to make connections that are good for your business, and to get the message out about who you are and what you do to your target audience. But you never know where the next business opportunity will come from. How can it possibly be a bad thing for your neighbor or your kid’s soccer coach to know about your professional accomplishments and the services you provide? Their best friend might just be your ideal client.

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