How Posting Checklists Can Help Your Marketing

Do you often forget to add images, links, or a call to action to your blog or social media posts?

A posting checklist can help.

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What to Include in Your Posting Checklist

Your checklist can ensure that your post includes things like:

  • A compelling headline or hook
  • Hashtags
  • Mentions
  • A relevant image
  • Links
  • Emoji or special characters for interest
  • A call to action

Once you’ve created your post, simply run through the checklist to ensure you didn’t forget anything.

Your checklist can also help remind you of all of the places you might want to post or repurpose your content, including:

  • Your website and/or blog
  • Each of your social platforms, including both personal and business pages
  • Relevant groups on your social platforms
  • Your newsletter
  • Client alerts

Get my posting checklist here.