How Training Benefits Your Firm [video]

Are you more focused on an employee’s skill level before you hire them than you are once they are working for you?

In my experience, when law and other professional services firms are seeking to hire, they are looking for candidates with a specific set of skills. But with the rapid pace of change in the marketplace, technology, and how legal services are delivered, law firms need to pay more attention to addressing the skills of their current employees to stay on top of these changes and to address any skills gaps that might exist.

In a previous video, I talked about how providing training programs can help you retain the best employees in your law firm. But there are a whole host of additional benefits that training provides.

Improves Client Service

As I’ve already mentioned, training helps you retain your best employees. It challenges them and keeps them motivated and shows them they are valued. In turn, their confidence and job satisfaction increase. And happy employees provide better client service.

Increases Engagement, Especially If Done Together

Training also helps increase employee engagement. One study revealed that employees who feel they have room to learn and grow at their companies are 3.5 times more likely to be engaged.[i] The same study revealed that, “learning is more engaging when people learn together (86%), that employees who learn together are more successful (91%), and that it helps create a sense of belonging (92%). Even better, employees who feel a sense of belonging are 5.2 times more likely to be engaged.”

Builds Trust

When teams train and build skills together, it builds trust within the team. Employees learn that they can rely on one another.

Aids Recruitment

A robust training program can help you to attract top talent to your law firm. These professionals are looking for places where they can learn and grow.

Improves Productivity

Training helps improve productivity. When your employees are more proficient at the tasks they perform every day, productivity will increase. They make fewer mistakes and work more efficiently. And that can only improve your bottom line. It may allow your firm to take on more work or more challenging cases and to perform their work faster, making your clients happy.

Less Supervisory Time

The better trained your employees are the less time you have to spend supervising them or double-checking their work.

With all of these benefits, why aren’t you investing more in training your employees?

If you want help increasing your employee satisfaction, let’s talk.

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