One Size Doesn’t Fit All in Your Law Firm [video]

Are you risking losing your best performers because you’re taking a one-size-fits-all approach?

If you want to retain the best professionals in your firm, you need to treat them as individuals. Everyone doesn’t want the same things. They have different motivations. Their circumstances are different. They have different goals. They are at different stages of their lives or their careers.

I’ve heard all kinds of horror stories from law firms who found out too late that their best performers were unhappy and leaving their firms. The law firm managers I have spoken with assume that people leave their firm mostly because they want more money. But often, that isn’t the case. They leave because they couldn’t stand the partner they were working with. Or they felt that they were being pigeonholed and they weren’t getting assigned different kinds of cases. Or they were looking for leadership opportunities. Or they needed flexibility in their work hours to take care of their children or elderly parents. Maybe they felt they were being passed over for promotions. But firm management won’t know that if they never ask.

Find out what motivates the professionals on your team. What is most important to them now? Are they happy with the progress of their career? What would they do differently? What experiences or challenges do they want next? Who do they want to work with? Then use that information to find creative ways to keep them engaged.

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