Is Your LinkedIn Presence Getting in the Way of Your Goals?

In my last video, I talked about how to determine if your social media marketing efforts are effective based on your goals or your purpose for using the platform. Let’s look at how that works on LinkedIn.

I recently did a series of training sessions for law firms on using LinkedIn, and what I found was that, for a lot of the lawyers who participated in the training sessions, the condition of their LinkedIn profile was at odds with their stated goals.

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Are you making these mistakes on LinkedIn?

One lawyer said he only wanted to use LinkedIn to stay in touch with people he already knew – he wasn’t necessarily looking for new connections. He had his LinkedIn privacy settings to show his profile picture and his full last name only to his connections. But that meant that even people who already knew him might not be able to find his profile – or might not connect with him because they weren’t sure that it was him without his photo and his last name.

Another lawyer said that they used LinkedIn to keep up with and stay top of mind with their network. But although they regularly looked at their newsfeed to see what their network was doing, and occasionally liked others’ posts, they hadn’t actively posted or commented on anything in months. It’s much harder to stay top of mind if you aren’t interacting with others or communicating on LinkedIn.

And finally, a third lawyer said they wanted to use LinkedIn to get referrals – but there was so little detail on their profile that it was impossible to determine what kind of law they practiced or what kinds of cases would be good referrals for them.

If you want to get the most out of LinkedIn – or any other social media platform – look at what you’re doing on the platform and ask yourself the critical question about whether it’s in line with your goals.

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