Unfollowing vs. Disconnecting on LinkedIn

What’s the difference between disconnecting and unfollowing someone on LinkedIn?

In my last few videos, I talked about disconnecting with people on LinkedIn – what to think about before you do it, and reasons why you might or might not want to disconnect.

But if you don’t want to completely disconnect from someone on LinkedIn, there is another option, and that is to Unfollow them.

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What happens when you unfollow on LinkedIn?

When you unfollow someone on LinkedIn, you will no longer see their posts in your Feed, but you will still be a first-level connection with them, and they will still see your posts.

Unfollowing is a good option for people whose posts on LinkedIn don’t provide value for you, or whose posts you don’t engage in. For example, perhaps you’re connected to a client, potential client, or referral source, and you want to stay in touch and make sure that they can still see your content, but the content they share just isn’t relevant to you. In that case, unfollowing may be a good option: they will still see what you post, you’ll still be able to message them on LinkedIn, but their posts won’t clutter up your Feed.

By whittling down your Feed to focus on what interests you, or on people whose posts you engage with more, you may actually increase the engagement you receive on LinkedIn.

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