5 Places to Incorporate Keywords in Your LinkedIn Profile

Here’s another LinkedIn tip about keywords.

In my last video, I talked about how to find keywords to incorporate into your LinkedIn profile. Once you know what keywords you want to include, where should you add them to your Profile?

Here are five places to consider:

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1. Your Headline

Your headline is the short description of what you do that follows you around on LinkedIn – when you post, when you show up in the search results, when you comment on or share someone else’s post, or when you post in a group. Include keywords toward the beginning of your headline for the most impact.

2. Your About/Summary section

The About section appears towards the top of your profile. Use keywords throughout the About section, but make sure the most important ones are in the first sentence to entice people to click on the “see more” link to read the rest of the section.

3. Your Experience section

Your experience section is the section of your profile that describes the individual jobs or positions that you have held. Include keywords both in your job titles and in the descriptions of those positions.

4. Your Skills section

Another section of your profile where you might want to include keywords is in the Skills you have listed on your profile. In my last video, I showed you how to use the skills section to find keywords to add. Don’t forget to add some of the relevant keywords you found as skills on your profile!

5. Your LinkedIn Profile URL

When you first set up your LinkedIn account, you were given a unique URL, or internet address, for your LinkedIn profile, and it probably contains some random characters. But you can – and should – customize your LinkedIn profile URL to include not only your name but also some relevant keywords.

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