Finding LinkedIn Keywords

Does your LinkedIn Profile include keywords to help your target audience find you?

When I am doing a webinar, LinkedIn training, or working with clients on their LinkedIn profiles, one of the pieces of advice I always give is to make sure that your LinkedIn profile includes keywords that your target audience will use to find you or to search for the services you provide. Keywords should be included throughout your LinkedIn Profile.

Those keywords should be included in:

  • Your headline
  • Your About/Summary section
  • Your experience section
  • Descriptions of honors and awards, projects, publications

But if you’re not sure what keywords to include, here are three ways you can get ideas:

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Three Ways to Find Keywords for Your LinkedIn Profile

1. First, go to your Profile on LinkedIn and scroll down to find your Skills section. Click on the plus sign to add skills to your profile. LinkedIn will suggest skills for you to add based on what is already in your Profile. Those skills are likely keywords that you can incorporate.


2. Next, at the top of your profile page, click on the More button.

image 1

Then choose “Build resume.”

image 1

Then “create from profile.”

image 2

If you input your job title, LinkedIn will provide keyword suggestions in the right sidebar next to the resume it generates.

image 3

3. Finally, you can get more keyword suggestions by using ChatGPT. Copy and paste the resume LinkedIn just generated into ChatGPT and ask ChatGPT to suggest keywords based on the content of your LinkedIn profile. You may want to include information in your prompt about who your target audience is and what services you provide.

I hope you found these suggestions to be helpful. If you want more LinkedIn tips, check out my LinkedIn tips YouTube playlist, or pick up your copy of Make LinkedIn Work for You.