Taking Control of Your LinkedIn Feed Part II

Still not sure whether LinkedIn is a valuable use of your time because your LinkedIn Feed doesn’t serve you?

In my last video, I talked about a few ways you can take control of your LinkedIn feed to make it more relevant to you. We talked about making sure you have a robust connections list, following thought leaders in your industry, and telling LinkedIn what kind of content isn’t relevant to you.

Today I’m back with a few more things to try if your LinkedIn Feed is boring, uninspired, or uninteresting.

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Use the “Sort by” button at the top of your Feed to sort by either “Top” posts or “Recent” posts. “Top” posts will show you the posts that are getting the most engagement, while “Recent” posts will show you posts chronologically. Personally, I find the recent setting works better for me, but test it out for yourself.

Follow Hashtags

Follow hashtags that are relevant to your industry and your audience. Do a search on the term and click on posts to see posts that contain that hashtag. Click on the hashtag and then click follow. Or simply click on the hashtag when you come across a post with that hashtag in your Feed.

You will see your followed hashtags on the left sidebar of your LinkedIn Home page so you can easily jump to posts about those topics.

Use Hashtags to Find More People to Follow

When looking at your hashtag content, take note of the people who post about that topic and consider following them as well. Or put your preferred hashtag or term in the Linkedin search box. On the results page, scroll down or click on the link in the left sidebar to jump to people who talk about that topic.

For more information about hashtags, here’s a great guide from Hootsuite.

Engage with Relevant content

Finally, make sure you engage regularly with the content that interests you on LinkedIn so you will see more of it.

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