Writing Effective Comments on LinkedIn

What kinds of comments drive engagement on LinkedIn?

In my last video, I talked about commenting on other people’s posts on LinkedIn as a way to drive engagement. Let’s look at some examples of how that might work.

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Commenting Increases Your Reach

One of my connections recently posted about his 14-year-old son starting to sell notebooks on Amazon and it was all because he watched a TikTok video that showed him how to use different technologies to design and then publish his book through Kindle publishing.

One of my other connections commented in part saying, “It’s fascinating to see how platforms like TikTok are becoming valuable sources of knowledge for younger generations. Your son’s proactive approach in implementing what he learned and successfully selling his notebooks on Amazon is truly commendable.”

There’s nothing really earth-shattering about this comment, but it is more substantive than saying something like, “Congratulations!” alone. But the really interesting thing to me about this is that although I am connected to both the original poster and the commenter, I never saw the original post in my LinkedIn feed until I got a notification about the comment. So not only did that comment bring visibility to the person who commented but also it amplified their connection, who was also my connection’s original post.

Let’s look at another example. Someone posted recently an article about women-owned law firms and one of my connections commented asking a question and what she wanted to know was how can we as women elevate these women-owned law firms to get more national recognition?

Not only did her comment get the attention of the person who posted the article, but it also got the attention of the author of the article. And that started a back-and-forth conversation in the comments with the author of the article who then posted another resource.

So you can see how posting something of a little more substance in the comments can drive that engagement and start a substantive conversation, even with people you’re not connected with.

What is your commenting strategy on LinkedIn?

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