Two Ways to Build Engagement on LinkedIn

Are you trying to build engagement on LinkedIn? Here are two ways to consider.

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1. Re-post Other People’s Content

In my last couple of videos, I talked about commenting on other people’s LinkedIn posts – and the first way to build engagement I’d like to talk about today is very similar to that – it’s re-posting other people’s content with your own thoughts.

Just like commenting on other people’s posts on LinkedIn, re-posting their content will get you noticed by the original poster and their network, as well as your own network.

If you’ve been practicing the technique of commenting on other people’s LinkedIn posts, you may have noticed that when you leave a substantive comment on someone else’s LinkedIn post, LinkedIn will suggest that you create your own post out of the comment. It’s an easy way to get more mileage from that comment, and to share your thoughts on the topic with your network.

Bonus points if you @mention the original poster in your post.

Double bonus points if you then share your post in one of your LinkedIn Groups.

2. Ask a Question

The second way is by creating a post that asks a question and encourages your LinkedIn audience to answer your question in the comments. For example, you might ask a question that asks for help or advice.

LinkedIn users like to demonstrate their own knowledge and expertise, so asking a question like this can generate a lot of comments and engagement. Your question can be as simple as something like, “What’s your favorite new tech tool?” or “Who are your best sources of information on LinkedIn on xyz topic?”

If you want to up your LinkedIn game but you’re not sure where to start, please contact me.

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