Use Technology To Make It Easier To Work With You

Do you use technology to make it easier for clients to work with you?

If you want to use technology to make it easier for your clients to work with you, start by identifying a pain point that clients experience and then try to find a way to use technology to relieve it.

Here’s an example of using tech to make things easier for your clients:

I was talking to a client recently and he was telling me that he likes to send his clients their documents before they come in to sign them so that the client can look over the documents and make sure that everything is correct and that they don’t have any questions before the signing. But he recognized that often the clients would get the documents and just be overwhelmed, so instead of making things easier, it added to the clients’ stress.

When he sent the documents, he started to highlight the specific areas that he wanted the clients to pay attention to, and that helped, but he was looking for a better solution. During the course of our conversation, he came up with the idea of recording short videos to explain to the client what he wanted them to do. He created his video and sent it to the client with the documents.

I received an email from him a few days later letting me know that he had made the video and that the client told him it made the voluminous documents much easier to review.

This was a brilliant way to use technology to not only make it easier for his clients to work with him, but also to differentiate himself from other lawyers in the marketplace. Now he can make a whole library of videos where he can direct clients about specific clauses or provisions in their documents, potentially saving himself hours of time when the clients come to sign their documents, because he only has to record each video once, and he can use it with multiple clients.

What pain points are your clients experiencing? How can you use technology to make it easier for clients to work with you? Do what my client did and find a pain point – feeling overwhelmed reviewing legal documents – and see if you can find a way to solve it – or at least make it less painful – using technology.

Again, I’m Allison Johs from Legal Ease Consulting, and if you want more tips on how to use technology in your practice, contact me or pick up a copy of the newly-released second edition of How to Do More in Less Time,, available on the American Bar Association website here.

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