What to Post on LinkedIn (Part 1)

In my last video, we addressed some fears about posting on LinkedIn and ended with the idea that if you approach posting on LinkedIn as a way to help your audience, rather than a way simply to promote yourself it might be more comfortable for you.

But what, exactly, do you post? Well, keep your audience, their needs, wants, and problems, and challenges it becomes much easier. And if you already create your own content, it’s even easier.

For example, post the title and a link to your article, maybe with a short description or teaser question to add some interest for your audience.

Mention an important announcement or news item about you or your firm (this also can be a great cross-selling tool) or your clients.

Link to an event or industry conference you are attending (or simply include the fact of your attendance).

Announce a presentation you are giving and/or provide a link to a copy of your slides after a presentation (this is especially effective if you’ve uploaded your presentation to LinkedIn Slideshare).

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