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5 Ways to Take LinkedIn to the Next Level

In this series of videos, I’ve been talking about how to get more engagement on LinkedIn. We’ve talked about commenting, both on your own posts and on other people’s posts, re-sharing other people’s content with your own thoughts, asking questions in a post, and posting polls. But once you start getting that engagement, how do …

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Two Ways to Build Engagement on LinkedIn

Are you trying to build engagement on LinkedIn? Here are two ways to consider. 1. Re-post Other People’s Content In my last couple of videos, I talked about commenting on other people’s LinkedIn posts – and the first way to build engagement I’d like to talk about today is very similar to that – it’s …

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Writing Effective Comments on LinkedIn

What kinds of comments drive engagement on LinkedIn? In my last video, I talked about commenting on other people’s posts on LinkedIn as a way to drive engagement. Let’s look at some examples of how that might work. Commenting Increases Your Reach One of my connections recently posted about his 14-year-old son starting to sell …

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Get Value out of LinkedIn Without Posting Original Content

Can you get value from LinkedIn without having to post your own content? When I talk to people about building their LinkedIn presence and getting value from relationships on LinkedIn, what I hear quite frequently is that posting is a major obstacle for a lot of people. They don’t know what to post, how often …

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How to Build Engagement on LinkedIn

In my last couple of videos, I’ve been talking about engagement on LinkedIn. But how do you build that engagement? Create Conversation The best way to build engagement on LinkedIn is by making LinkedIn a conversation; by interacting with other people, and encouraging them to interact with you so that you get to know one …

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Why Build Engagement on LinkedIn?

In my last post/video, I talked about using comments on your own posts to seed engagement on LinkedIn. But what exactly does engagement mean on LinkedIn? And why is it so important? Read on or watch the video to find out. Engagement on LinkedIn can include: Why is engagement important on LinkedIn? Let’s think back …

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5 Places to Incorporate Keywords in Your LinkedIn Profile

Here’s another LinkedIn tip about keywords. In my last video, I talked about how to find keywords to incorporate into your LinkedIn profile. Once you know what keywords you want to include, where should you add them to your Profile? Here are five places to consider: 1. Your Headline Your headline is the short description …

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LinkedIn Algorithm Changes: What Should You Do?

Have you noticed some changes lately in how LinkedIn is treating your posts, or in how much engagement your posts are receiving? If you’ve noticed these changes, you are not alone. LinkedIn recently made some significant changes in its algorithm that may be affecting the reach of your posts. Why Did LinkedIn Change Their Algorithm? …

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Unfollowing vs. Disconnecting on LinkedIn

What’s the difference between disconnecting and unfollowing someone on LinkedIn? In my last few videos, I talked about disconnecting with people on LinkedIn – what to think about before you do it, and reasons why you might or might not want to disconnect. But if you don’t want to completely disconnect from someone on LinkedIn, …

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When Should You Disconnect on LinkedIn?

When should you eliminate connections on LinkedIn? In my last video, I suggested that you should think twice before disconnecting from people on LinkedIn. I got a fair bit of feedback when I posted that video. One person, who is also in marketing, completely disagreed with me and said that they regularly review their LinkedIn …

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