Why Build Engagement on LinkedIn?

In my last post/video, I talked about using comments on your own posts to seed engagement on LinkedIn. But what exactly does engagement mean on LinkedIn? And why is it so important?

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Engagement on LinkedIn can include:

  • Likes, comments or reposts of your LinkedIn content
  • Mentions in other people’s posts
  • New followers for you or your company page
  • Messages or connection requests

Why is engagement important on LinkedIn?

Let’s think back to why you’re using LinkedIn in the first place. For most people, Linkedin is a place to network: to stay connected with their target audience, demonstrate their expertise, and drive business. Just like in real-life networking, your goal is to get your audience to know, like, and trust you, and to build a strong community.

The more engagement you get on LinkedIn, the more visible you will be, and the better chance you will have of reaching your target audience.

Engagement shows that your LinkedIn connections are interested in you and what you have to say. And your audience also benefits from that engagement; when others add comments to your LinkedIn posts, it adds value and builds a conversation.

What are the best ways to build engagement on LinkedIn? I’ll cover that in my next video.

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