Seed LinkedIn Engagement with Comments

Do you comment on your own LinkedIn posts?

When you post on LinkedIn, do you put the post up and then go away, and only return to that post if someone else comments on it? (I admit, this was me until I learned recently what I am about to share with you).

If you do, you might be shortchanging yourself and your audience.

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Why Add Comments to Your Own LinkedIn Posts?

By adding comments to the post, you:

  • Add more value to the post
  • Increase the chance that more of your audience will see the post
  • Provide an extra opportunity for your audience to engage with it the post (if it provides value) – and that will
  • Increase your reach even further (⬆️engagement = ⬆️ reach).

In short, commenting helps you build community on LinkedIn.

What should you include in your comment on your LinkedIn post?

Your comment can include:

  • Additional information or insights on the topic or a related topic
  • A link to another resource, a related post, or something on your website
  • A question to further engage your audience

When should you comment on your own post on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn used to penalize you by restricting your post’s reach if you put up a post and then commented right away. I have heard recently that LinkedIn no longer does that, but some experts still say you should wait about 10 minutes before commenting.

How many comments should you leave?

One comment is good, but some experts say that you should leave 2-3 comments on your own posts for maximum effect.

And don’t forget to keep an eye out for comments others make on your post and engage with those comments!

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