How to Build Engagement on LinkedIn

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In my last couple of videos, I’ve been talking about engagement on LinkedIn. But how do you build that engagement?

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Create Conversation

The best way to build engagement on LinkedIn is by making LinkedIn a conversation; by interacting with other people, and encouraging them to interact with you so that you get to know one another better.

The more you engage with other people, the more they will get to know, like, and trust you – and the more they will be willing to turn to you as a reliable source of information, to work with you, or to refer business to you.

There are all kinds of ways to do that – on your own LinkedIn real estate or on other people’s LinkedIn real estate.

Ways to Build Engagement

I’ve already talked about one way to encourage engagement on your own LinkedIn real estate, and that was by commenting on your own posts. Other examples of encouraging engagement on your own LinkedIn real estate include posting a poll or asking a question in your LinkedIn post.

Examples of building engagement on other people’s LinkedIn real estate might include reacting to (liking) someone else’s post on LinkedIn, re-posting, or leaving a comment on their posts.

I’ll go into each of these methods of engagement in more detail in future videos.

Engagement Increases Your Reach

Remember that when you build engagement on LinkedIn, you’re not only building a relationship with the individual you are engaging with, but also with their network. I’m sure you’ve seen posts in your LinkedIn feed from people that you are not connected with because your LinkedIn connection has liked or commented on that post.

Think about it: if your LinkedIn connections are in your target audience, chances are that their network includes even more people in your target audience.

And the more engagement your post gets, the more relevant LinkedIn thinks it is, so the more it will appear in the feeds of your own network.

More engagement means more visibility and more exposure to a broader number of people in your target audience.

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