LinkedIn Groups: A Targeting Opportunity

Hi, I’m Allison Shields, President of Legal Ease Consulting, and co-author of the upcoming book, Make LinkedIn Work for You, a Practical Handbook for Lawyers and other Legal Professionals.

A recent survey of in-house counsel revealed that although in-house lawyers are using LinkedIn, and consuming content from outside counsel, they feel that lawyers don’t do a great job of targeting their content.

And one of the comments I hear a lot from lawyers about LinkedIn – especially if they are starting out or they have a relatively small network – is that, even with all of the tips and tricks about how to increase the visibility of their posts, they aren’t getting much attention on LinkedIn.

Using LinkedIn Groups can help with both of these issues.

You might remember from one of my previous videos that I recommended joining Groups that contain your target audience so that you can use the Group’s member list to identify new potential connections.

But joining and participating in Groups containing your desired audience– whether that’s potential clients, journalists, or referral sources – is another way to increase your visibility and get your message to those people who need your help the most – even if you aren’t directly connected to them on LinkedIn.

Many LinkedIn Groups have thousands of members, which means that by posting in the Group, you potentially reach many more members than you would with a regular post on LinkedIn. And you can target your content specifically to the members of that Group an establish yourself as an expert. Reviewing Group members’ posts or asking them questions can also reveal what kind of content they are interested in receiving.

Just like in the News Feed, you can like, comment on and share things other Group members post within the Group.

Just as in real life, some Groups on LinkedIn are more useful – and more active – than others. It may take some work to find Groups that are worthwhile for you. But if you keep at it, you are sure to find at least a few groups that can help you reach your audience effectively.

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